Sunday, March 18, 2018

If Not God, Man?...

     God                     Man
If not authority, personal freedom.

If not theocracy, freedom of religion.

If not a monarchy, the rights of man.

If not a hierarchy, independence.

If not tradition, personal choice.

If not a God, a personal savior.

Which side of the above columns do you affirm?

Every single Christian I know is a radical secular humanist.

Which puts me, a non-believer, in the strange position of defending objective truth against people who constantly proclaim “muh Jeusus” while simultaneously affirming their loyalty to subjectivism.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Who Wins WWIII?...

World War III -a nuclear exchange between Russia and America (and America's vassals in Europe)- was meant to happen last year under a president Hillary.

Trumps win set it back a while, which is why the system began to convulse in demon-like contortions when he won.

Now why in the world would they want this?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Part of it is obviously, insanity. The elite in “the west” are, apparently, of the opinion that the next big “turning” is here and must be helped along to come about.

And insane and evil, they are.

Promoting mass migration via open borders and “refugees”.
Forcibly normalizing homosexuality and so-called transgenderism.
Legalizing abortion.
Attacking the family,

the list goes ever on.

The “west” today is bat-shit f@*king evil crazy.

Another part of it is hubris.

The complete destruction of billions of people may well be the inevitable climax of the Boomers legacy, which has been nothing but death and destruction of their nations.

The Boomers are old. They will soon die. But they are so self-absorbed that they cannot imagine a world without them. So they may wish to “take it with them”.

An obvious part of it is Israel.

The chosenites feel that the moment is right for their ascendancy to unquestioned rule. The destruction of America, Europe and Russia would, hypothetically, leave Israel as the premier power in the world -discounting China as a regional east-Asian power.

Jewish hatred of Whites has been palpable for about 2,300 years. But today it is out in the open and they publicly salivate and cackle at the prospects of the destruction of all White peoples around the world.

Then there is money and power.

Big, big deals are on the line and these business arrangements will engineer the future of human development.

There can, therefore, be only one vision of the future. So you’re either on board on you’re a threat.

There can’t be multiple captains of multiple visions of the mono-ruled globe. It’s bad for the vision and it’s bad for the pre-ordained victor’s business deals.

Last (at least for this list) is ideology.

There are many people who live by ideology, rather than necessity.

These people are fanatically dedicated to their ideology of “freedom and equality”. And to these ends, which “freedom and equality” lead, mean the  means by which to get us all there must be totalitarian and destructive.

All that is traditional and true must be attacked, sequestered, purged and annihilated.

You can see how such an ideology will run headlong into a brick wall while telling itself that the wall can be turned into a marshmallow if it just believes.

This brick wall of reality just happens to be an intense fire that will lead to the near end of human life on earth.

So who wins WWIII?

Ironically, the answer seems to be: all those who have a death wish.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Who Won WW II?...

You are living in the ARW, Allied Ruled World.

Like it?

For over seven decades we have been conditioned to sing the praises of the "good guys" defeat of the "bad guys".

The Third Reich, we are told, was the embodiment of evil and oppression; of tyranny and bigotry.

Yet for over six decades the children of the ARW, even as they sing the praises of the Allied defeat over the "evil" Nazis, have watched, as year after year, their freedoms have been taken away, their rights diminished, their nations bankrupted and dismantled and flooded with hordes of foreigners (who rape and murder people on their own streets), their culture attacked and derided, their numbers diminish and their hastening extinction celebrated as "diversity".

For 70+ years the peoples of the Allied Nations have been celebrating their own demise.


Who really won WWII?

And who really lost?


Monday, March 12, 2018

You’re Defending Your Turf, Not The Universe...

The mistake of conservatives is the central tenet of globalists.

Which is, that there must be one monolithic culture, law, religion, society, etc and that this must be acknowledged by one and all.

In other words,

White conservatives don’t want to admit that they are one of many tribes defending their unusual, particular, turf.

Which is the truth.

There is no “consensus” about peripheral, let alone fundamental, notions of societal organization -law-morality-ethics, and there never will be.


Different strokes for different folks.

If you are White and conservative then your people are White and conservative.

That’s it.

That’s your people.

Your people are different than other peoples.

Your notions of art, beauty, truth, life, purpose, faith, family and country is very, very different from other peoples. Very different.

And it is not, nor should it be, transplantable or adaptable for other peoples.

You have your own turf.

Defend it.

Stop living under the violent delusion that your own turf should also be the whole world.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

They Aren’t Working With Them. They Just Are...

We all know who (((they))) are. That semitic tribe who’s hatred of Europeans knows no bounds...nor constraints. And the list of crimes they’ve committed grows ever longer by the year.

But what about Them?

Them are the ideologues of The West.

Some of us have, in the past, referred to The West as though it were synonymous with Whites and our way of life.

But to many, ‘The West’ is an ever evolving, eve expanding, project representing objective and inevitable progress from ignorance and primitivism.

For these people, The West is the vanguard of progress, rather than one of many different ways of living.

This mentality was inherited from the Roman Empire who, in imitation of the Greeks, declared all those not within the empire to be barbarians and savages. Uncivilized, in other words.

And this worldview was passed down to Christendom where all those who would not bend a knee to Christ (usually rural people) were deemed pagans and heathens. Uncivilized, in other words.

Today, this worldview is seen among the fey, decadent, rulers of “the west” who view as unsophisticated and uneducated hicks any and all who do not abide by their cosmopolitan code of ethics, such as they are.

The elite of the West want to impose a monolithic political and social culture upon the entire world, because it’s civilized and in opposition to ignorance and backwardness.

Coincidentally, jews just happen to believe they are ordained by their god to rule over the whole world.

So the rulers of the west are working to bring about the infrastructure that the jews will then be able to utilize to rule.

Is this evidence of a vast conspiracy or of convergence of disparate goals?

As I’ve said elsewhere,  White people have an unhealthy need to have their notions validated by other people.

From supposed satanists turning to Jesus, to dictatorships becoming democracies, White people convulse in relieved ecstasy at having their own ideas and beliefs confirmed by the actions of others. And they crumble into tears and scream at the heavens when others reject their ideas and beliefs.

This pathology has played a large part in not just the destruction of White people’s societies but other races’ cultures as well.

One might say that the ‘Two Towers’ of the Dark Lord are Rome and Jerusalem.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

They Want To Divide Us?...

Conservatives like to claim that the left are trying to divide us.

Is this true?


It is the left that pushes for the end of borders, nations (ethnicities), religions and the family because those things are divisive.

It is the left that sought to decriminalize race mixing, homosexuality and cross dressing because to do so creates inequality and division.

The left’s entire purpose for existing is to unite all the world under one government, religion, culture, language and ethos.

Trying to divide us?  Please.

As I’ve said before, conservatives have no beliefs or principles of their own.

Conservative political and social language is derived entirely from Liberal language.

Because conservatives are the right wing and liberals are the left wing of the same hideous beast.

American conservatives in particular don't seem to realize how radically leftist they are.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Muh Feee Speech! Muh Civility!...

Conservatives are crying about censorship and a lack of “civility” on the part of liberals.

These are the same conservatives who were “meh” on Confederate statues being illegally torn down.

There are the same conservatives that feel the urge to publicly distance themselves from White nationalists because “racism”.

These are the same conservatives who recoil like a vampire to sunlight if you point out the pernicious jewish influence upon society and immediately purge you, Stalin like, from their forums.

The list goes on.

And “civility” has always been the excuse of the right to marginalize and censor those who’s points of view they seek to silence.

"Civility" is to the right what "hate speech" is for the left.