Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Commies For Capitalism....

Is it really so surprising that global, capitalist, corporations promote (and enforce) communism?

Both systems, ultimately, ‘exalt the individual and glorify the self’.

Whatever pretense to an appeal towards a “community” or “movement” is to be made, there must first be the pandering or preaching to the individual to “encourage” him to support said community/movement.

It’s no different than marketing a car to you...for the family.

On the one hand we here platitudes about individualism and personal choice, etc. But on the other hand we here platitudes about mankind and humanity and “we” and “us”, etc.

The thing is, we are always on the receiving end of this bombardment. It’s never innate. It’s always an external stimuli via media, government, religion, etc. And it’s hardly a secret that media, government and religion are patrons of corporations. Or, if could be said that corporations are the muse of media, government and religion.

Capitalism vs. Communism. Democracy vs. Dictatorship. Left vs. Right. Etc. They’e two sides of the same, post-enlightenment, post-industrial, coin.

A hideous beast was created when the Enlightenment copulated with the Industrial Revolution.

For the past two and a half centuries various merchants have vied for the glory to mount and steer the wretched creature, even as it rampaged across the world leaving death and terror in its wake.

The world doesn’t need another Adam Smith or Vladimir Lenin or Ronald Reagan or Thomas Edison or George Washington.

We need Saint George.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Immigration & Transvestitism...

The two issues go hand-in-hand.

Is America a nation? Can anybody become American? Can a man become a woman or a woman a man?

Do you see the problem with the notion that identity is a choice?

All down thought time, a nation was always and only a biological -ethnic/racial- reality.

A nation was never a place or a form of government. It was a biological unit. Period.

Yes, nations often had lands of their own, and on rare occasions had their own own governments.

But the land was generally named after the particular people (the nation) who occupied it or the particular people who lived there came to be also synonymous with the land’s name. Britain was the name of the Island, but the inhabitants were English, Welsh, Scottish, Cornish, etc. Sometimes they are collectively called ‘British’, but it’s usually not appreciated or considered a slander or insult.

And peoples sometimes moved over large distances, yet retained their nationality. The Goths moved into, and some became citizens of, Rome. Yet they remained Goths. And much later they attacked their host because (among other reasons) their host was not them. Similar situations have occurred all over the world down through the centuries.

The trouble with America is that it was never a nation. It was a business set up by bankers and merchants who dragged an unsupportive population into their revolution. A revolution that has never stopped.

America is an empire comprised of consumers. And it’s ever expanding; looking to engulf the entire planet and turn all of its’ seven billion inhabitants into fellow Americans -to liberate them, to make them free.

As such, the identity of “American” must be flexible, atomizing and rational. America is freedom, and there is nothing more liberating than loosing the bonds of all traditional forms of identity -racial, ethnic, familial and gender.

To say that race doesn’t matter or that gender is a choice is the epitome of freedom -of being American.

To wit, there is nothing more American than a man deciding one day that he has chosen to be a woman.

For if, as the impassioned  patriots tell us, that freedom is choosing to live how you want to live, then lady liberty must needs be a man in drag.

Look around you dear Murican. Freedom has unleashed hell on earth.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Orcs Virtue Signal...

The more shallow, decadent and morally corrupt people become, the more they feel the need to proclaim their “virtues” publicly.

Just 30 years ago most people almost never spoke openly of their social and political beliefs or their ethics and principles.

But even then, drunks were always the first to damn dope-heads and liars were always boasting of their honesty. And you could always bet that that one guy who was always railing against porn and bragging about how solid his marriage was, was the one who was screwing the church secretary.

In fact it was a generally acknowledged rule that any business that had a cross or Jesus fish in their store window was run by crooks.

You can see this magnified today. The people out in the streets screaming “justice” and “love” are irrational, inarticulate, and spit their words of “tolerance” out with irrational rage and hatred. The ones that shout about their “pride” are the ones that look the most f*@ked up and depressed.

And notice that the more they try to suppress their shame and hatred of themselves, the more orc-like they become in appearance and demeanor.

A person who believes in the concept of objective, universal, justice doesn’t need to stomp through the streets with a sign and a bullhorn proclaiming it. That would be a fundamental contradiction.

Historically, morals, values and ethics were thought to be discovered. And then codified, because they were true.

There were no marches. No protests. No rallies. Nothing. Because that which is found to be true is acknowledged as such because it is true. It’s like gravity. It  may not be fair that you can’t fly like a bird, but jump off a cliff and justice will be the ground racing toward you.

But lies need rallies. Lies need protests. A lie needs people screaming in the streets, not for it’s defense, but for it’s slaughtering of the truth.

The truth is always humble, calm, simple, articulate and unassuming. It never screams. It never demands.

Truth always has its day of victory, not through conquest, but by virtue of the fact that lies always fail and fall in the end.

Those who demand justice should be wary of getting what they want.

Justice is the gravity of truth.


Monday, March 6, 2017

The March Of Progress...

The belief in progress is the high of speeding down a road in a car you can never pay off, believing it can excel to speeds of hitherto unmatched rpm’s, never run out of gas and that no dogs, children, old people or traffic could ever possibly be awaiting around the next corner to impede your quest to find the end of that rainbow that somehow never quite manages to kiss the earth. But you scoff at fairy tales and believe in science and empiricism and stuff!


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Our Leopold And Loeb Elite...

That really does sum it up, doesn’t it.

The run-of-the-mill highway-robbers who stole, bribed, blackmailed and murdered their way into their current position of establishment elite really do look upon Europeans and European-Americans (aka, White people) with contempt and amuse themselves with visions of our demise. Because they had the hunger and instinct to worm their way to where they are at the top and the rest of us are too damn content to live out simple, traditional  lives. We’re rubes.

This also feeds into the elites lust for more and more immigrants. Because to them, America is a prize; a global treasure chest, and only the ambitious and the greedy get the jewels. And since the rubes are content and not driven enough by lust and greed for power and money and material things, they romanticize immigrants who are, in fact, driven by lust and greed for power and money and material things.

The “American Dream” is a concept concocted by late 19th and early 20th Century immigrants (mostly jewish) who saw the United States as nothing more than a black Friday sale at Wal-Mart.

But the sad fact is, they’re right.

The United States was founded by merchants and bankers. And it was done so against the wishes of the vast majority of the colonists who lived here.

Those descendents of the colonists had “America” forced upon them, just as they’ve had open borders, abortion, gay marriage, civil rights, etc forced upon them. Nothing new today. It’s been par for the course since Washington and Jefferson’s day.

So to all you loyal American Patriots out there, keep in mind that what you are being loyal and patriotic for, is now, and has been since 1776, a Wal-Mart writ large, and managed by Leopold and Loeb.

So as you elbow your way through the crowds of Mexicans and Muslims to hold aloft your Chinese made red, white & blue flag in honor of a political state that celebrates gay marriage, transvestites and sundry, at a parade or rally organized by political mercenaries openly plotting the destruction of you and your family, stop and ask yourself just what the hell is it you are feeling such warm and fuzzy feelings for?

Freedom and democracy?

The hell on earth you are seeing all around you every day is a byproduct of "freedom and democracy".

So please, stop and think. Ask yourself, "who is us"? Then ponder what freedom for "us" would look like and what it would be.

note: Patriot means “of your fathers”, in the biological sense. So patriotism is actually an ethnic/racial construct. A Patriot is a man who protects and sustains the lineage, customs and culture of his own particular tribe/ethnicity/race.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is Gay The New Divorce?...

Apparently Milo Xilopenopherous, or whatever the hell his last name is, has been invited to speak at some conservative get-together.

Now I don’t really go in for politics and could care less for Milo, but I saw this story at one of the few remaining web sites that allow comments.

Among the commenters there was one fellow in particular who was all indignant about the whole ordeal. He kept incessantly asking, “is homosexuality conservative?” or some variation thereof.

Of course the answer is, no.

But then so what?

Is divorce conservative? No. No, it isn’t.

Is “family planning” and using contraceptives conservative? No. No, it isn’t.

Remember those issues, conservatives?

To say nothing of class structures and gender roles.

If you participate in, or grudgingly approve of, divorce or contraception, under any circumstance, then you can, in no way, consider your self conservative.

Sorry. You’re just another extremist agitator against societal norms.

See how f@*ked up things are.

It’s a little late to strut around signaling your virtue.

Conservative principles didn’t survive the great 20th century culture war.

Right now we're reduced to trying to survive physically. And dead people don’t bicker over principles.

If we somehow manage to physically survive the current onslaught (which is escalating exponentially by the week), then one day our great-great grandkids might be able to sit around in peace and pontificate on ethics and society.

Until then, we’re literally to the point of fighting just to survive.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Christianity’s Fem-Men Leaders...

A proposed solution to this problem.

I’ve not paid a lot of attention to official Christianity Inc. in the past few years, yet perusing the landscape of the “kingdom” I discovered its trajectory was right where I expected it to be.

Namely, the preponderance of lisping, fey “men” who now make up 100% of SBC/evangelical/bible-believing leadership.

And I’m not saying they’re fey and effeminate to be hyperbolic.

No, literally, they tend to be thin, delicate, fem-men who preen and gesture like a woman or they’re pudgy, dough-faced invertebrates who actually do lisp.

That, or they are the ridiculous virtue signaling ministers with the tattoos and edgy fashion sense -because there’s nothing more sincere than pandering to 16 year-olds, and only 16 year-olds. 

Now whereas the bible does insist that church leaders be married to only one wife and have a good reputation, it no where proscribes communities from having cultural standards of its own in regards to who puts themselves forward as leaders and teachers, religious or secular.

So what I recommend is that anyone who wishes to elect themselves leaders or teachers of men, should have to earn that position. And the tried and true way of doing this has always been to fight for the top spot. Physically.


 Not to the death, though.

No, but any would-be minister or preacher should have to fight the toughest and meanest men in any community in which they wish to preach or teach.

If they can’t defeat any and every man in that community in a physical brawl, then they have no right to teach or preach.

If they aren’t willing to fight, then they must sit down and shut up.

This is not some “barbarian" suggestion.

Nature works.

Men who are the biggest and strongest and most fearless do indeed make the best leaders. And the societies they lead tend to be the safest and most stable.

History shows this to be true.

It also shows that when this metric is abandoned for a more “nuanced” and “civilized” and “democratic” approach, degradation, decadence and horrific societal collapse follows.

Much like what is happening right now.

And yes, Jesus never got into a brawl to earn the right to teach, etc. But then again he never got married either, now did he.